Behind the Lens featured on UC Davis homepage

I came in the office this morning to a nice surprise… this blog is featured on the UC Davis homepage. Look for it under the Campus Currents section.

Digital Demystified: What is metadata?

What is metadata? Metadata is data about data. It is the descriptive information embedded inside an image or other type of file. For example, most digital cameras attach some basic information about a file, such as height, width, file format, …

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My life is metadata

My life is metadata. Five years ago, I hadn’t even heard the term. In fact, when I started taking pictures I used film and developed my own prints. Digital came along and changed everything. I have never considered myself to …

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Photoshoot: Student Assistants to the Chancellor

On Monday I photographed the first meeting with the Chancellor and his 2008-09 student assistants, Molly Sundstrom and Traci Brown. I used my flash a few times, but chose to use natural light so that I would lessen my impact …

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Photoshoot: Katie Donovan 2006

Since returning from vacation on Monday, I have been in image processing mode. This summer, my main project is working on our digital asset management system. My goal is to have it all ready to go for the fall quarter. …

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