Events: Vets on the air, Iranian nukes

KQED public radio’s “Forum” will broadcast live from the School of Veterinary Medicine tomorrow morning, Nov. 29 — the show goes on the air at 9 am and runs until 11 am. The first hour will be a discussion of the future of veterinary medicine, with Bennie Osburn, dean of veterinary medicine, and Richard Breitmeyer, California State Veterinarian. The topic in the 10 o’clock hour will be how research in animal health can benefit human health, with Steve Barthold, director of the Center for Comparative Medicine and Kent Lloyd, associate dean of the Vet School and director of the Mouse Biology Program.

The show airs locally on KQEI 89.3 FM, on 88.5 FM in the Bay Area, and on NPR affiliates across the country. It also streams live from their website at For more information, see Forum’s home page.

For some light relief, the Institute for Governmental Affairs is hosting a noontime panel discussion Thursday, Nov. 30, on nuclear politics and Iran. The speakers are Sammy Salama, senior research associate at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies; Afshin Marashi, assistant professor of history at California State University, Sacramento; and Miroslav Nincic, a UC Davis professor of political science. The discussion will be moderated by Zeev Maoz, UC Davis professor of political science and an authority on Middle East security. The discussion will take place in the IGA reading room, 360 Shields Library.

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