Organic or conventional food? Trade-offs either way

It’s premature to conclude that foods produced through either organic or conventional farming are superior to each other, according to a review by Carl Winter, director of the FoodSafe Program, and Sarah Davis of the Institute of Food Technologists.

People may choose organic foods to avoid pesticide residues in conventional foods, although the levels of pesticides in foods are well far below levels considered toxic, the authors write. Organic foods themselves may be susceptible to naturally occuring toxins, and the measurable differences in health benefits are hard to find.

The review paper (pdf file) was prepared as a Scientific Status Summary for the Institute of Food Technologists. A synopsis is also available on the institute’s web site (another pdf).

One response to “Organic or conventional food? Trade-offs either way

  1. I wonder if Organic foods are better for people who have compromised immune systems? I do, and generally try to eat organic to avoid the toxins, just in case they are cancer causing.

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