BitTorrent goes legal, becomes uncool

The peer-to-peer video service BitTorrent is to sell films legally under a deal with major movie studios. But that probably means that it’s going to lose its hip image, Jesse Drew of the UC Davis Technocultural Studies program tells the Mercury News.

“People forget that it’s not just economic models that make them popular, they have a certain mystique, an edginess, a hipness — they lose that when they enter into a commercial market,” he said.

Does anyone still use Napster? QED. Also, the videos will be protected by Microsoft’s “Digital Rights Management” software, and will not work on Macs or iPods. What that says about Mac users and their detractors I will leave up to the commenters to decide.

One response to “BitTorrent goes legal, becomes uncool

  1. How can a seeder (not the origional uploader) of a copywrited work be prosecuted for copywrite infringment? Since unlike a service like Kazaa where the file in its entirety is transfered from seeder to leecher, only small chunks of the file are transfered from the seeder.

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