Steel bridge team place second in nationals

The UC Davis Steel Bridge team, nicknamed “Chrome Ollie,” took second place overall at the 2007 National Student Bridge Competition at California State University, Northridge, May 25-26. The team qualified for the national contest earlier this month by earning their fourth consecutive Mid-Pacific crown at the regional competition held at Santa Clara University, April 26-28.

The steel bridge contest pits teams of civil and mechanical engineering students against each other in the design and fabrication of scale-size bridge structures that are judged on such criteria as structural efficiency, economy, aesthetics, lightness and speed of assembly.

“Chrome Ollie” edged out steel bridge powerhouse University of Wisconsin-Madison and narrowly missed first place against North Dakota State, another perennial leader in the competition. The UC Davis design, dubbed “Monstro,” was noted for exceptional balance in both structural performance and constructibility.

The UC Davis team won the national competition in 2005. See a slide show about the 2005 team.

The 2007 team included civil and mechanical engineers, under the leadership of Jessica Revell, project manager, Phil Weeks, head of fabrication, with advisor Jennifer Walley and head advisor and designer Matt Turner.

(Thanks to Jo Shroyer for contributing this.)

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