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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Future power

For UC Davis magazine readers who wish to post predictions and comments on the Future Power article in the current issue, you can find the comment thread here.

UNC’s corpse flower set to bloom

Bella, a Titan Arum corpse flower at the University of North Carolina, is expected to bloom this weekend. UNC does have a webcam up, but since someone posted it on it seems to have crashed. You can try their …
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Long-term impacts on Tahoe

The long term effects of this week’s Angora fire on Lake Tahoe may not be known for years, according to the UC Davis professor who has studied the lake for decades. “The real impact comes next spring when we get …
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Survey finds many gays, lesbians victims of hate crimes

A national survey by UC Davis psychologist Gregory Herek finds that about one in five gays, lesbians or bisexuals have been the victims of violence or property crime based on their sexual orientation. About half of the respondents in the …
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Tahoe water report

Surprise — no ash in the buckets yet. Brant Allen’s blog dispatch, filed at 2.30 pm this afternoon, says he found no ash in the buckets on buoys near the north shore of the lake (furthest from the Angora fire, …
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Craig Venter’s genome transplant

J. Craig Venter and colleagues from his self-named institute have a paper in Science Express today describing the first “genome transplant.” They replaced the entire DNA of one bacteria, Mycoplasma mycoides, with that from another, Mycoplasma capricolum. The transplanted DNA …
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Tahoe photos

University Communications photographer Karin Higgins is following researcher Brant Allen today as he collects samples to look at the effect of the Angora fire on lake Tahoe. We’ll be posting some of the photos here. Right: UC Davis’ research boat, …
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Fireblogging from Tahoe

UC Davis researcher Brant Allen is collecting samples from Lake Tahoe today, to see what impact the Angora fire is having on the Lake. As he goes through the day he’ll be posting blog entries that will appear on the …
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Best Symmetry cover yet, with name-that-particle goodness

I just received the latest issue of the marvellous symmetry magazine from Fermilab and SLAC. This issue has a cover by Roz Chast, whose cartoons have appeared everywhere from the New Yorker to Scientific American. If you like Chast’s whimsical …
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Angora fire’s impact on Lake Tahoe

The Angora fire that has been burning just south of Lake Tahoe since Sunday is likely to have a significant effect on the lake’s clarity, according to UC Davis researchers. In the short term, nitrogen and phosphorous in ash falling …
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