Future power

For UC Davis magazine readers who wish to post predictions and comments on the Future Power article in the current issue, you can find the comment thread here.

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  1. Future Power, unfortunately, does not address the key factor needing to get control of global warming. That factor is actual removal of some of the excess of carbon dioxide poisoning the globe already. All proposals so far put forward keep allowing some carbon dioxide emissions to increase the excess to worsen the poisoning symptoms.
    The one process that can actually remove some carbon is pyrolysis, basically what Kingsford does, that will give charcoal to be buried or spread as soil amendment. Such a process can be applied to almost all our organic wastes and distills off an organic mix and water that can be refined for vehicle fuel. The initial hot charcoal, but not on fire, is passed through a heat exchanger to generate steam.
    I have a much more detailed statement, and if you are interested, e-mail a request for it to jasing3rd@earthlink.net

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