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Monthly Archives: November 2007

A blog for the spineless

Just tripped other another campus blog, “I’m a chordata, urochordata.” It’s the research blog of Jarrett Byrnes, a graduate student in population biology studying invasive species on the shoreline.

Sac county animal shelter hit by Parvovirus

Sacramento county animal shelter has had a number of cases of highly-infectious parvovirus recently, and has suspended dog adoptions until next week, the Sacramento Bee reports. The county shelter is working with vets from the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program …
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Holiday gift to yourself: a lower power bill

Replace your old holiday lights with new light-emitting diode (LED) lights, put them on timers, and save yourself some money this Holiday season. That’s one of the “Top Ten Ways to Save Energy in your Home” (pdf) from the California …
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Railyard air worse than freeway

Air downwind of the Roseville railyards poses a cancer risk, according to a study conducted by UC Davis professor emeritus Thomas A. Cahill and his son, Thomas M. Cahill, a professor at Arizona State University. The study was sponsored by …
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Earthquake forecasting symposium

“Advances in Earthquake Forecasting” is the topic of a one-day symposium in New York Jan. 23 organized by Risk Management Solutions. One of the speakers will be UC Davis professor John Rundle of the Center for Computational Science and Engineering, …
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Upcoming: National Academy of Sciences on “Science, Evolution and Creationism”

The National Academies are releasing a new booklet on “Science, Evolution and Creationism” in January. It’s an update of the 1999 booklet “Science and Creationism.” This book provides clear explanations and intriguing examples that emphasize the strength of the science …
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Predicting hip fracture

Researchers led by UC Davis internist John Robbins have developed a computer program for predicting the likelihood of a woman having a hip fracture over the following five years. Drawing on data from almost 100,000 women enrolled in the national …
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Ayer reviews Black on Nixon

Law professor emeritus Jack Ayer reviews a new biography of Richard Nixon by press magnate Conrad Black. Ayer writes that Black mostly excuses the ethical lapses of Nixon’s career; but then he has problems of his own, like his upcoming …
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Engineering drought-resistant plants

UC Davis researchers and colleagues at the RIKEN Plant Science Center in Japan; Biology Department Technion in Haifa, Israel; the University of Nevada, Reno; and Hebrew University of Jerusalem have genetically engineered tobacco plants that can survive on 70 percent …
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Davis Turkey Terror Update

Despite a plan to relocate them, as of earlier this week the flock of about 30 wild turkeys is still living in the area around the Davis City Cemetery, according to comments on the Davis Wiki. This recent (Oct 25) …
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