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The ImmigrationProf blog run by UC Davis law professors Kevin Johnson and Bill Hing has posted a lengthy, thoughtful and thought-provoking essay on Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf and the U.S. relationship with Pakistan, by former student Wajahat Ali. Samples:

An assassin’s bullets and suicide bomb ended the life of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto; tragically, she followed in the footsteps of her father, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s Prime Minister [1973–1977], who was brutally hung by political rival and subsequent military dictator General Zia al Haq nearly thirty years ago. The tragic legacy of this family elucidates the political instability and schizophrenic personality of modern-day Pakistan: a complex, volatile and multifaceted nation whose diverse features have increasingly and frequently become accentuated by violence…

…Two weeks before the State of Emergency prompted his unlawful arrest, incarceration and subsequent kidney failure, Muneer Malik, Pakistan’s former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and prominent critic of Musharraf, gave me an exclusive interview, in which he proclaimed a statement shared by many in Pakistan: “The US supports dictatorships that suit its interests. It is never interested in the masses of Pakistan. The power sharing between Benzair and Musharraf will only perpetuate military hegemony. The mindset of the politicians is that the road to Islamabad [Pakistan’s capital] leads from Washington and not from the streets of Pakistan.”

Diane Marie Amann is also blogging about the assassination on the IntLawGrrls blog.

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  1. Well, Ms. Bhutto knew that she was a target, i am extremely sad however i am unable to shed a tear because i knew that it was not a question of ìlfî but ìwhenîÖ.now it has occured. I wonder what anyone has to say about this!
    I have those tears to shedÖjust inside

  2. I hope Benazir Bhutto enjoyed life. I hope that she had plenty of private vices, and overindulged whenever possible. I hope that her riches, gained through fair means or foul, were used for her own pleasure, with no regard for her future health.

    I wish this for her as she was obviously never going to live until old age. Her determination to be a martyr was clear for all to see, an ambition she finally realised last Thursday at the hands of either al-Qaeda or a more sinister assassin.

    She must have known that her frequent public appearances were inviting attempts on her life, and that the odds against her survival were diminishing with every rally. Brave or stupid, or both? Brave to face the gunmen and bombers maybe. But otherwise stupid. Really stupid.

    Stupid to believe that her martyrdom would help the country and people that she constantly proclaimed to love. Stupid to believe that the democratic cause would be furthered by her death. To die for a cause may be noble, but in Bhutto’s case it was a selfish act – an act from which no one will benefit.

  3. Change the name of PPP to PFP (Pakistan Family Party), Did any body question what this new joker (Balawal) is going to do? How he is going to run a country? What is his qualification and education? Is there any educated and experience guy in PFP? This Joker (Balawal) is grownup in Dubai with a luxurious life with Pakistanís looted money. His mother Benazir Bhutto; Queen of Dubai, was a total corrupt, her father, husband and new joker (Balawal) all these people want to loot the country. They have done it in the past; Benazir was given two chances for prime minister. I have seen myself; that only thing she had done was making country bankrupt and anarchy. Her father nationalize the industry in Pakistan in 1970s and broken the backbone of the modern privatization. This family is there to kill this country and all these jokers are happy and healthy because of our uneducated and stupid nation (so called).
    I am not trying to support military, in reality military is actually responsible to bring this situation, but now we do not have any option. Only a big and real revelation may fix some problems we have; otherwise, Pakistan is hopeless case.

  4. She was assasinated ! Pure and simple and the current PM is to blame and proabably hired the assasin, the bomb was just a distraction “by the way”

  5. Ali ahmed, you should try to be realisitc. You are part of the Government propoganda, which goes on saying Nawaz Sharif and Bhutto were corrupt. Well the open story is that no one is more corrupt than the military and mushraf’s ex cabinet. Billions of money have been looted under economic contract whether be it land, sugar mills, steal mills, electricity or earth quake funds. They threw the judiciary away which questioned Shaukat Aziz and Mushraf’s corrupt empire.morever the US money to moderate tribal areas by educational reforms have been looted by the corrupt military. It is not the PPP chairman, or any political aprty to be questioned, it is Army to be questioned, what they want out of politics. they have planned to disintegrate the country, and kill all forces which are democratic, atleast in a way that thjey are not killing their own people, are not making fun of institutions. Reality is that Pakistani’s are directed to raise fingers on any new emerging things, and let the unconstitutional and most corrupt president live his own life. A president who has used military in ever corner of the country, has made a joke of constution, fired the judiciary, killed thousands of Balochis, supports Terror networks of Taliban and even knows where the terrorists are, but lets them hide. Our Dear Army planned the escape” of Rashid Rauf, as Rashid Rauf was a big terrorist, trained by Pakistan ISI. If handed over to Britain, the international world would know all secret planning of the plots. you are write they are jokers, it is the army , which is the joker here and the most corrupt institution of Pakistan.

  6. According to, Benazir Bhutto was killed by a blast from an explosion; this is contrary to previous reports that say she was shot. A Scotland Yard analysis shows that there was no evidence of a bullet wound. Wow! Even in a high-profile murder such as this, the media can not get their facts straight!

    my Benazir Bhutto blog:

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