Religious freedom and gay marriage

States that recognize gay marriage should protect the rights of individuals who object to gay marriage on religious grounds, but should take care not to infringe the new rights of gay and lesbian couples, writes UC Davis law professor Alan Brownstein in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times.

For example, clergy should be able to decline to perform a religious marriage ceremony if it conflicts with their beliefs — but a religiously-affiliated hospital should not be able to deny visitation and decision-making rights to gay couples, he writes.

Brownstein, an expert on constitutional law, holds the Boochever and Bird Chair for the Study and Teaching of Freedom and Equality at the UC Davis School of Law.

One response to “Religious freedom and gay marriage

  1. I never ceased to be amazed by the way these judges and politicians believe that they are more brilliant than all the accumulated wisdom of eons of human history. It’s the epitome of arrogance.

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