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“Henrietta Lacks” author Rebecca Skloot to speak on campus

Rebecca Skloot, author of the new bestseller “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” will be giving a talk on campus April 23, 4-6 pm in the ARC Ballroom. Her visit to campus is being sponsored by the UC Davis Genome Center, the Science and Technology Studies Program, the University Writing Program, and the Davis Humanities Institute and being hosted by Jonathan Eisen at the Genome Center.

More information and links to reviews and interviews, including Skloot’s recent appearance on the Colbert Report, here.

“HeLa” is one of the best-known names in medical science: the cell line isolated from a human tumor has been used in medical research for decades. But the woman the cells originally came from — Henrietta Lacks — is almost unknown, until Skloot began digging into the story.

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