How the law ignores a fifth of the population

Legal scholarship barely acknowledges the one-fifth of the U.S. population that lives in rural areas, writes law professor Lisa Pruitt on the School of Law’s faculty blog. Pruitt, who grew up in rural Arkansas, writes that the ‘urban’ population seems to have become the norm in legal writings, with little attention to the needs of rural people.

The law school’s faculty blog, by the way, is full of interesting reading, including intellectual property and copyright law, immigration, family law, corporate law and all the other topics in which our law professors have expertise.

Videos: UC Davis experts report on oil clean up, demo dispersants

Two videos on this page. Mike Ziccardi of the UC Davis Oiled Wildlife Care Network reports from the Gulf of Mexico from efforts to treat turtles, dolphins and other animals. The impact on the coast, he says, is “indescribable.”

In a second video, UC Davis environmental toxicologist Ron Tjerdeema, who was recently part of a national panel advising on the use of chemical dispersants to treat the oil spill, gives a simple demonstration of how dispersants work.

400-year old oyster shells and the history of Jamestown

The English colony at Jamestown, Va. was nearly wiped out in its early years by a severe drought. Now UC Davis geologists are helping archaeologists understand the history of the settlement by studying layers of oyster shells dumped in a well four hundred years ago.

Shell archaeology“We were able to demonstrate that the oyster shells record this huge drought,” said Howard Spero, professor of geology at UC Davis and co-first author on the study, which is published online this week by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Observing atoms inside a crystal catalyst

Materials scientists at UC Davis have for the first time pinpointed the exact locations of individual metal atoms inside a crystal. The research opens new ways to study materials such as zeolites, which are important catalysts in the chemical and petroleum industry.

ZeoliteA paper describing the work was published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology May 23.

Graduate student Volkan Ortalan, working with Professors Nigel Browning and Bruce Gates and graduate student Alper Uzun, all at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at UC Davis, used a scanning transmission electron microscope at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study a zeolite crystals containing both clustered and individual iridium atoms.