UC Davis Grad Student at White House Science Fair

UC Davis graduate student Wilson To was invited to the White House last week for President Obama’s Science Fair. The event included the winners of various national and international STEM competitions, and To was part of a team that won the Grand Prize in the U.S. finals of the Microsoft-sponsored Imagine Cup recently.White House Photo

After winning the competition, To was sent to Poland to discuss his team’s project, which uses a cell-phone based system to look for early warning signs of damaged blood vessels in diabetes and other diseases.

At the White House event, To was also asked to join the President on the stage as Obama talked about his education plan. He is to the left of the President in a red shirt.

But Wilson, where was your Aggie shirt?!

3 responses to “UC Davis Grad Student at White House Science Fair

  1. Isn’t it exciting!? We’re so proud of Wilson and his Mobilite team!
    In answer to Andy’s question on where is Wilson’s Aggie shirt… in consideration of the award he received from Microsoft, Wilson wore their red labeled shirt (but he wore it with Aggie pride!).

    Thanks, Andy!

    Oh, and the Mythbuster’s beret… hmmmm… you may have something there!

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