Learn about med-tech commercialization at July 21 forum

If you are interested in learning about medical technology commercialization opportunities, or would like to network with experienced med-tech inventors, investors and entrepreneurs, plan to attend a special forum on Thursday, July 21, 2011 on the Sacramento campus of UC Davis. The forum, part of UC Davis’ Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic program, will include presentations by an angel investor and several med-tech teams that have successfully developed commercialization plans for their innovative technologies and concepts. The event will offer ample networking and discussion opportunities, as well as encourage each attendee to engage, learn and be challenged.

Our Shuttle Aggienauts

Atlantis took off from Cape Canaveral this morning for the last flight of a Space Shuttle.

Two UC Davis alumns have been lucky enough to fly on the Shuttle: Steve Robinson, who made four flights in all, and Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who has made two trips into space including a six-month stay on the International Space Station last year. (To be accurate, Caldwell Dyson’s last trip was made on a Russian Soyuz rocket, which is how American astronauts will be traveling into space until a replacement for the Shuttle comes into service).

Here’s some of our past coverage of our Aggie Astronauts: