Two from UC Davis to give Harvey lectures

Two faculty from the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences have been selected by the Harvey Society of New York to give Harvey lectures this year. Each year, the Society selects seven of the world’s leading biomedical researchers to give a free public talk at the Rockefeller University in New York. The collected lectures are published in book form every year. Most Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine have presented Harvey lectures, according to the Society.

“Plant pharma” moves forward

Ventria Bioscience, based in Fort Collins, Colo. with manufacturing facilities in Kansas, has announced a  successful completion phase 2 clinical trial of its lead therapeutic candidate, VEN100, which is based on an antibacterial compound from human breastmilk grown in genetically modified rice plants.

Ventria was founded in 1993 by Ray Rodriguez, professor of molecular and cellular biology at UC Davis, and the company’s products are rooted in technology developed in Rodriguez’ lab at UC Davis. The company later relocated out of California. Rodriguez remains as chairman emeritus of the company.

South Pole Telescope homes in on dark energy, neutrinos

South Pole Telescope

Astronomers are using the South Pole Telescope to probe the Cosmic Microwave Background.

Data from the new 10-meter South Pole Telescope is providing new support for the most widely accepted explanation of dark energy, the source of the mysterious force that is responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe.

The results also are beginning to hone in on the masses of the neutrinos, the most abundant particles in the universe, which until recently were thought to be without mass.