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Eclipse photos; any more?

UC Davis physicist Marusa Bradac took this fabulous timelapse of the May 20 solar eclipse from Tahoe City. Thanks Marusa for sharing!


6 Responses to Eclipse photos; any more?

  1. bdr says:

    I don’t have any pictures of the eclipse itself; however, the event produced some interesting eclipse-shaped shadows in my yard. The video in the link shows the shadows and how they appear to ‘ripple’ during a slight breeze.

  2. Andy, check out other photos of members of the Physics Department enjoying the eclipse last Sunday. We made an album on the department Facebook page:

  3. Andy Fell says:

    Thanks Robin, nice photos!

  4. Nikki says:

    We had the eclipse shaped shadows also. Very cool.

  5. I made an eclipse collage too, pretty similar to Marusa’s! I posted it here:

    Taken through some binoculars at Lake Shasta

  6. Andy Fell says:

    Thanks Andrew, very nice!

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