Steel Bridge team wins national honors

The UC Davis team finished in third place overall at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition finals, held at the University of Washington last weekend, May 31-June 1.

In the competition, teams have to design and build a scale-model steel bridge and then assemble it against the clock. Points are awarded for strength, lightness and speed of assembly as well as design and efficiency. The UC Davis team took first place for construction speed and second for lightness. Overall winners were UC Berkeley, followed by MIT.

UC Davis students have now competed in the competition, which is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction, for several years running. They won the national title in 2005.

The Steel Bridge team is just one of several student competitions in which UC Davis engineering students can practice their skills.

Photo: The UC Davis team with their prize. Left to right, starting from the back row: Quincy Dahm, Shaun Miller, Jon Carlo, “Andrew,” Michael Rey Alaguena, Christopher Salazar, Tadd Tsui, Matthew Diaz, Jocelyn Wong, Jennifer Yasui, Kristy Chang, Franklin Dang, Eva Ng (Univ of Washington, hosts) and in front, Brian Giffin.

Steel Bridge Team

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