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Hella News Roundup

Physics student Austin Sendek’s campaign to get “hella” designated as an official SI prefix (for 10 to the power 27) might be the media hit of the year so far. On Monday, the Sacramento Bee ran a story, followed by …
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The LHC: safe.

Switching on the Large Hadron Collider will not create a planet-gobbling Black Hole or any other threat, according to an updated report from the LHC Safety Assessment Group. The report reiterates past assessments and the opinion of just about every …
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And now, Bigfoot. Or not.

Following February’s tale of the Chupacabra that was actually a mangy coyote, Egghead will once again venture into cryptozoology to note the announcement that a Bigfoot corpse had been found by a couple of guys in Georgia (the state, not …
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I like it but I don’t believe it: “Survivor: Geologist”

Highly Allochthonous reprints a column from South African humorist James Clarke on a supposed attempt by “a big American TV company” to make a Survivor-type reality show with geologists working in the field. But the camera crew noticed that even …
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An engineer’s guide to cats

“Oscar makes use of the Earth’s gravitational field to keep himself firmly attached to the floor.“