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Post-election roundup

The Obama/Palin ticket: Law professor Vikram David Amar asks, why not have separate votes for President and Vice President? Dancing in the streets: Professor emeritus of history Ruth Rosen writes that the last time Americans danced in the streets was …
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Obama, Snapple and Rumors

What do presidential candidate Barack Obama and Snapple Iced Tea have in common? Patricia Turner, professor of African American and African studies at UC Davis, will answer that question in a presentation at the American Folklore Society in Louisville, Ky., …
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UC Davis experts on the Wall Street meltdown

(Contributed by Dateline editor Clifton Parker) With America facing the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression and markets worldwide reeling from the deepening crisis, it is time to ask UC Davis economics experts two questions: What happened, and what …
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Following Teddy Roosevelt

Republican presidential candidate John McCain styles himself as a Teddy Roosevelt Republican. UC Davis historian Eric Rauchway (an expert on the TR era) thinks he might be drawing the wrong lessons from the first President Roosevelt.

Young voters see Obama’s race as an asset

Barack Obama’s support is strongest among young voters and declines in older age groups, according to this AP story. It’s not just that race is not an issue for younger voters who have grown up with black celebrities and politicians: …
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Campus and local Tibetans ready to protest

The Olympic Torch is due in San Francisco tomorrow. During the European leg of the torch’s world tour, events were disrupted by protestors demonstrating against China’s rule over Tibet. Now it’s the turn of the Tibetan community in the Bay …
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Five Years

UC Davis historian Eric Rauchway joined a discussion on “Five years in Iraq” on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. Listen online here.

Crying at work: Good for your career?

Getting misty-eyed in a diner may or may not have helped Hillary Clinton win the New Hampshire primary. But crying at work is an “enormous burden women have that men don’t,” UC Davis business professor Kimberly Elsbach tells the New …
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Benazir Bhutto blog commentary

The ImmigrationProf blog run by UC Davis law professors Kevin Johnson and Bill Hing has posted a lengthy, thoughtful and thought-provoking essay on Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf and the U.S. relationship with Pakistan, by former student Wajahat Ali. Samples: An …
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