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What in our DNA makes us human?

Katherine Pollard of the Genome Center and Department of Statistics has a cover article in the current Scientific American on the genetic differences between humans and our closest living relatives, chimpanzees. In 2004, Pollard and colleagues used computers at UC …
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NRC Advises Against National Ballistics Database

The National Research Council, part of the National Academies of Science, released a report yesterday advising against setting up a national database containing images of ballistics markings from new and imported guns sold in the U.S. The idea behind such …
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Psi and statistics

News Service intern and sometime Australia-blogger Erin Loury had a feature in last Friday’s Dateline on two UC Davis researchers who have ventured into the tricky ground of investigating the paranormal. Jessica Utts is a professor of statistics and also …
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“Proving” the impossible with statistics

Jim Kaput of the Center for Nutrigenomics sent along an interesting article from the Economist magazine, referring to a study presented at the AAAS meeting recently and also published in a medical journal. Peter Austin of the Institute for Clinical …
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