Engineered Yeast Makes Hoppy Flavors

Can you brew a hoppy beer without hops? Beer purists might regard the idea with suspicion, but researchers at UC Berkeley, with some help from UC Davis’ “Pope of Foam,” have shown that you can brew a tasty hoppy beer using gene-edited yeast to replace hop flavors.

According to Charles Denby, a former postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, growing hops uses a lot of water – 50 pints of water to grow enough hops (the crumbly flowers of the hop vine) for a pint of craft beer.

Beer for butterfly winner!

And the winner of Professor Art Shapiro’s annual offer of a pitcher of beer for the first Cabbbage White butterfly of the year is…Professor Art Shapiro, once again. UC Davis News Service editor Amy Rafferty spotted Shapiro walking towards Mrak Hall with something in a butterfly net earlier today. No record set this year — last year’s was caught on Jan. 19.

Here is the official announcement, contributed by Prof. Shapiro.