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Recyclemania ends April 2: Help UC Davis!

March 30th, 2011 @ 4:04 pm by Camille Kirk

Editor’s note: UC Davis is in the final stretch of Recyclemania and we need your help! Student Michelle Tuyen, Waste Reduction and Recycling’s Education and Promotion Coordinator and a fourth-year Sociology/Communications double major, writes below on how to take action these last few days of competition:

RecycleMania, a nationwide recycling competition that UC Davis has been participating in, is coming to an end this Saturday, April 2. This competition also promotes UC Davis’ zero waste goal by 2020, meaning we will avoid sending trash to the landfill and instead buy smart, Recyclemania_2011_Logorecycle and reuse.

Waste Reduction and Recycling is urging all students, staff, and faculty of UC Davis to give that final push in the competition. We are currently competing in several categories. During the week of Mar. 13-19, we were ranked 44 out of 363 for the Gorilla Prize, while for Grand Champion, we were ranked 263 out of 288. I have faith that my fellow Aggies can do much better than that.

Here are some simple ways you can help UC Davis strive in the RecycleMania competition while saving the environment:

1.) Recycle: There are bins for paper, cans and bottles, and compost all over campus. Before tossing the item into trash, take a moment to consider if it can be recycled, then put it in the appropriate bin instead.

2.) Reduce trash output by reusing: Have you ever thought about how much trash one person can produce in a day? Unfortunately, most of it could’ve been recycled instead. But what’s even better is if we can reuse items over and over so they wouldn’t need to be thrown out. A simple solution we can implement in our everyday lifestyle is replacing those daily coffee cups with a reusable mug. Here’s a quick tip: Use your reusable mug on campus; if you are spotted by a Waste Reduction and Recycling staff member, you will receive a coupon for a free coffee or soda refill at 5 different locations on campus, including the Coffee House and the Silo Union.

3.) Spread the word: Being consciously aware of the environment is an excellent first step, but it takes everyone’s effort to make a change. Take the time to educate yourself, and then pass on the information to someone else.

Remember the last day of the competition is Apr. 2, so there is still time to make a difference in our rankings!  Go Aggies!

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