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Archive for February, 2013

Water: Fact or Fashion?

February 25th, 2013 @ 10:30 am by Camille Kirk

Guest blogger Alicia Brown, a third-year Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning major, Sustainability Showcase Curator and Green Offices Intern, writes about the latest installation in the Memorial Union Sustainability Showcase, located in the east wing, near the Information Desk and AggieCard Office.

Water: Fact or Fashion? Display in the UC Davis Memorial Union Sustainability Showcase.

Water: Fact or Fashion? Display in the UC Davis Memorial Union Sustainability Showcase.

The Sustainability Showcase has opened its second exhibit for viewing on the first floor of the Memorial Union! The theme of the exhibit is Water: Fact or Fashion and features disposable water bottles and issues surrounding water quality and use. Water is a vital aspect of our everyday lives, but when faced with the facts, is choosing to drink bottled water a necessity or a product of our society’s consumerism? Why do people pay more for their water than they need to?

When thinking about water, it’s hard not to consider safety and equity on a global scale, but the issues hit close to home as well–in the Central Valley where tap water is unsafe due to high concentrations of nitrates from agriculture, households are paying 4.6% (3 times the affordability threshold recommended by the EPA) of their income on relatively safer bottled water. Is this out of necessity or is it a fad? How do we solve the problem of water equity in our own state? These are some of the thought-provoking questions the exhibit invites you to explore.

With interesting visuals and a collection of water bottles from across the country and around the globe, Water: Fact or Fashion is intriguing and engaging.

Some of the collection's water bottles from around the world.

Some of the collection’s water bottles from around the world.

An interactive portion of the exhibit allows viewers to become part of the ongoing conversation about water.

Comment board, with a "Question of the Week" about water policy and use.

Comment board, with a “Question of the Week” about water policy and use.

The Showcase is a collaborative project between departments to provide information about various sustainability issues in keeping with UC Davis’ reputation as a #1 Cool School.┬áMake sure to stop by and check it out! The exhibit is located on the first floor of the MU between the Corral and the Information Desk.

If you are interested in creating your own sustainability themed exhibit or have any thoughts and suggestions, please contact student curator Alicia Brown at the Office Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (aibrown@ucdavis.edu).

Many thanks to John O’Connor of H2O’C Engineering for giving us permission to display part of his collection of water bottles as well as visuals from his presentation.


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