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Photo: Veterinary Students Share Their Stories

Veterinary Students Share Their Stories

UC Davis veterinary students write about their experiences with animal health across the world. Read about testing a field microscope in Mongolia for veterinary tele-medicine, a taking on an externship in Thailand and learning about zoonotic diseases in C


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By and for Students

  • Aggie Voices: UC Davis student bloggers tell stories about university experiences homesick to joining a ballroom dance troupe and planning their careers.
  • Aggies Abroad Network: Follow the journeys of hundreds of Aggies abroad as they take their studies global—traveling the world, diving into new cultures and changing their lives.
  • Health Sciences Libraries: Carlson Health Sciences and Blaisdell Medical librarians post on topics including human and veterinary medicine, animal welfare, public health and health policy, searching the published literature, new technologies, news, classes and community outreach.
  • Study Abroad: Our Stories: Read our collection of study-abroad stories, articles and interviews written by UC Davis students and learn about student adventures.
  • The Californian Abroad: Get tips on studying abroad, including where to go for music festivals, what to do if you are ill, and where to find the most affordable locations from the UC Education Abroad Program.


  • ANR News Blog: This agricultural news commentary from the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources includes research by UC Davis scientists.
  • Bug Squad: Get the buzz about insects and their world, plus learn about the work done by entomologists in the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and at UC Davis.
  • Horticulture Innovation Lab: Learn why fruit and vegetable research matters, with updates from UC Davis partners around the world.
  • Postharvest Postings: This Postharvest Technology Center blog focuses on reducing postharvest losses and improving the quality, safety and marketability of fresh fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.
  • UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: News from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis.
  • UC Weed Science: Organized by Brad Hanson of plant sciences, this blog focuses on research in weed management and the preservation of natural resources.
  • Western Agricultural Health & Safety Blog: Writers from the UC Davis ag health and safety center discuss improving the health and safety of farmers, farmworkers and their families, and communities.

Arts and Humanities

  • Cropped: Get newsy scoops on the art world and instructional digital technology from this blog by the Department of Art and Art History’s Visual Resources Facility staff librarians Leah Theis and Lisa Zdybel.
  • Environments & Societies: Faculty and graduate students of the Environments and Societies Mellon Research Initiative seek to invite readers on and off campus to comment on topics such as environmental justice and advocacy, the human-nature relationship and regulatory policy.
  • Nicomachus: Phillip Barron, digital history developer at The History Project, writes about digital humanities, analytic philosophy and alternative transportation.
  • Public Scholars: UC Davis Mellon Public Scholars blog about community-engaged scholarship and their experiences in pursuing public humanities scholarship.
  • TANA (Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer) Blog: Learn about upcoming events, see new art projects and get information on workshops and programming at TANA, the campus’s Woodland-based art program for youth.

Business and Law

  • Dean’s Blog: School of Law Dean Kevin R. Johnson and Senior Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder post about news and achievements by their faculty, alumni and students.
  • Faculty Blog of the UC Davis School of Law: This multi-author blog offers commentary on legal developments and broader legal trends directly to the public.
  • ImmigrationProf Blog: A blog written and edited by Kevin R. Johnson, dean and professor of law and Chicana/o studies, and holder of the Mabie-Apallas Public Interest Law Chair, with posts by law school colleagues.

Campus and the University of California

  • Arboretum and Public Garden: Learn about the work done by the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden teams throughout campus to support the UC Davis GATEways Project — a campuswide initiative to create an inviting, interactive and sustainable showcase of UC Davis.
  • PeteScully … Postcards of the Hanging: Artist and biostatistics graduate program coordinator Scully maintains a lively blog with sketches and drawings from Davis (and elsewhere). Many come from his lunch-time campus adventures.
  • Special Collections Blog: This blog from the University Library holds photo treasures from our Eastman’s Originals Collection and the university archives, plus stories about manuscript and photograph collections.
  • Student Health and Counseling Services Blog: Students, staff and faculty can keep informed about the services and programs offered at the student health center as well as updates and tips for healthy living.
  • Sustainable 2nd Century blog: Find out what campus is doing to be more sustainable — and what you can do to help. Share your ideas and hear from UC Davis guest bloggers who are living, researching and tinkering with the idea of sustainability every day.
  • The Energy Insider: UC Davis’ Energy Feedback Team in Facilities engages the campus in ways to reduce and conserve energy.
  • The Energy Insider: UC Davis’ Energy Feedback Team in Facilities engages the campus in ways to reduce and conserve energy.
  • UC Davis Aggies Blog - Thinking outside the boxscore: This collaborative effort from the UC Davis Athletics Communications staff promises to take you away from the numbers and provide alternative perspectives to Aggie athletics. It also offers great writing and trips down memory lane.
  • UC IT Blog: Information technology professionals at the University of California can use this blog to promote a project, float an idea and connect across the campuses.

Environmental Science and Policy

  • California WaterBlog: What do a biologist, economist, engineer and geologist have in common? An interest in California’s most pressing water problems. This blog compiles the expertise of researchers with UC Davis’ Center for Watershed Sciences.
  • Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior: This group blog reports research and analysis of environmental policy issues from the perspective of social and political science.
  • Ecology Graduate Student Association: This blog draws from the 200 students in UC Davis’ Graduate Group in Ecology, one of the largest and most prestigious ecology graduate programs in the world.
  • Entomology & Nematology News: This news blog covers events, awards, open houses, seminars, research, and other newsworthy items involving faculty, staff and students in the department.
  • Fuel Fix: Get your fuel information fix from Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director for energy and sustainability at UC Davis.
  • GreenLight Blog: Learn about our varied research conducted at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies.
  • Natural Musings: UC Davis ecology graduate student Eric Lo Presti blogs about what he loves: burying beetles, mutants, caterpillar mysteries and other stories of flora and fauna.
  • Nature's Confluence: This collaboration by UC Davis Professor Mark Schwartz and graduate students in ecology from UC Davis and other UC campuses, focuses on personal stories about nature and emerging ideas in the conservation of nature.
  • Oiled Wildlife Care Network: Interested in the plight of California wildlife affected by oil spills? These bloggers post in-the-field experiences.
  • UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: News from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of California, Davis.
  • University of California Green Blog: UC writers under the auspices of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources cover green topics from biofuel and beekeeping to invasive species and flooding.

Human Health

  • ChestHealth: UC Davis thoracic surgeon David Tom Cooke writes about patient care, cutting-edge research and innovative surgery. Other topics include oncologic trials and student mentoring.
  • Meet the Miracle Makers: Started in May 2016, this blog features news and stories about donors and organizations that support UC Davis Children’s Hospital and the kids and families it serves.
  • Pulse: Ulfat Shaikh, UC Davis pediatrician and medical school professor, is keeping a finger on quality... health care's vital sign.
  • The Niche: Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog: Paul Knoepfler — aka “Stem Cell Blogger” — and guest writers give the inside story about this area of medical research.
  • Women in Medicine and Health Sciences: Follow stories about mentoring future female physicians with Amparo Villablanca, Lydia Howell and others from the UC Davis Health System.

Science and Engineering

  • Aggie Transcript: This student-run news blog focuses on topics relevant to the College of Biological Sciences.
  • Egghead: Written by UC Davis News Service science writer Andy Fell, Egghead follows research related to UC Davis. Comments, guest commentaries, tips and suggestions for posts welcome. Check out the “Three-Minute Egghead” podcasts.
  • The Tree of Life: A blog about evolution, microbiology, genomics and open science by Jonathan Eisen, professor of evolution and ecology/medical microbiology and immunology.

Social Sciences

  • California History-Social Science Blog: Our California History-Social Science Project staff connects to K-12 teachers in the state with lessons, content, history education news and teacher profiles.
  • Chuck Walker Blog: This professor of history and director of the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas at UC Davis blogs about Tupac Amaru, sTupac Shakur, soccer, bikes, Peruvian food and cities, and books connected to his research.
  • New APPS: Follow this group blog on art, politics, philosophy and science written by people from all over the map including UC Davis philosophy professor Roberta L. Millstein.
  • UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies: Follow how students are finding solutions with lasting impact on people living in poverty around the globe.

The views expressed on these blogs are those of the authors and readers. Links to a blog do not imply that the university endorses any of the views expressed there.

Campus community members, if you are writing or editing a blog connected to UC Davis and would like to be considered for this list, please contact Susanne Rockwell.