Earthquake forecasting symposium

“Advances in Earthquake Forecasting” is the topic of a one-day symposium in New York Jan. 23 organized by Risk Management Solutions. One of the speakers will be UC Davis professor John Rundle of the Center for Computational Science and Engineering, who will be talking about his group’s work on predicting the timing and location of large earthquakes by looking at patterns of smaller ones. Other speakers include scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, China, Japan, Europe and New Zealand.

RMS provides products and services that help financial markets quantify risks.

Rundle’s group has worked with colleagues at NASA on forecasting earthquake locations in California and worldwide. They have also worked on modeling earthquakes in the Bay Area and recently on predicting the timing of major earthquakes.

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  1. I would LOVE to sit in on this one, as the quantification of risk is of professional interest to me; and as a Bay Area resident, the earthquake issues obviously has personal import. How ironic that this is being held in New York . . . I just moved from there a month ago.

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