California salmon, trout in collapse

Two-thirds of California’s salmon and trout species could go extinct in the next 100 years, warns a new report from California Trout. Lead author of the report was UC Davis fisheries biologist Peter Moyle.

“The fish don’t lie, and they are right now telling us the truth about the future of the water in our state,” Moyle told the Associated Press. “We have a choice right now: We can allow the degradation of our waters to continue … or we can take action and bring them back from the brink of extinction.”

The fish face hazards from pollution, dredging, timber removal, cattle grazing, dams, pumps and canals as they make their way from spawning streams to the ocean and back. And for fish that need cold, fast-flowing water to breed, climate change can also have an impact.

The report is available here.

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