Virtual Reality demos at AGU

If you are among the 16,000 people attending the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco this week, scientists from the UC VR imageDavis KeckCAVES facility will be running several demonstrations of their interactive virtual reality technology. The demonstrations will be run on a laptop and displayed on a large monitor, so will not have the full immersive, 3-D experience of the KeckCAVES lab itself, but they will use real data in real time and show how scientists can use virtual reality to work with their data.

Times and places:
Wednesday, Dec. 16:
*** Interactive Demonstration ***
11 am – noon:  LIDAR Visualization demonstration at the UNAVCO booth, by C. Bowles, T.S. Bernardin, and L. H. Kellogg

UNAVCO is a consortium of universities doing measuring deformation of the Earth’s crust with high precision techniques such as GPS, satellite interferometry, and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). This demonstration will show how UC Davis researchers are using LIDAR data.

*** Interactive Demonstration ***
1:40-6:00 pm,  Crusta: Visualizing High-resolution Global Data, by T.S. Bernardin; O. Kreylos; C.J. Bowles; E. Cowgill; B. Hamann; L.H. Kellogg, in the Virtual Globes session (IN33A),  Poster Hall (Moscone South).

Thursday, Dec. 17:
*** Interactive Demonstration ***
1:40-6:00 pm ,  New Frontiers in Fault Model Visualization and Interaction, by J. Van Aalsburg; M.B. Yikilmaz; O. Kreylos; L.H. Kellogg; J.B. Rundle, in the Virtual Globes session (IN33A),  Poster Hall (Moscone South).

Background information:

More information about KeckCAVES. The facility is supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation and UC Davis.

KeckCAVES on YouTube.

Follow @keckcaves on Twitter.

NewsWatch video on the virtual reality in geology research.

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