Podcast: A New Book Explores The Glass of Wine

Glass and wine have gone together for thousands of years. A new book, “The Glass of Wine,” delves into the science, history and artistry of this pairing. The book is by Jim Shackelford, distinguished professor emeritus of materials science and engineering in the College of Engineering, and writer and blogger Penelope Shackelford.

Glass scientist Jim Shackelford and blogger Penelope Shackelford are the authors of a new book, “The Glass of Wine” that explores the relationship between the drink and its perfect host. Photo by Daniela Wood.

The book grew out of the Shackelford’s avid interest in wine and Jim Shackelford’s professional interest as a glass scientist. In this interview, they talk about the book and some things they learned along the way — such as the relationship between the rise of the British Royal Navy in the 18th century and the style of champagne that we know today.

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A toast to glass: The Glass of Wine book is full-bodied blend of wine and glass, finished with a hint of science (American Ceramics Society)

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