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UC Davis climate change research posters for Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3

May 23rd, 2011 @ 12:36 pm by Camille Kirk

In November 2010, the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3 was held at UC Davis. The campus is a powerhouse in climate change research, and the summit was a fantastic opportunity to share that depth of knowledge with a global audience. The big question, though, was how to translate that wide spectrum of scientific research into readily absorbed information by an audience with disparate backgrounds.

Sharon Ruth, director of communications and marketing for the John Muir Institute of the Environment, and Laurie Lewis, design manager for campus publications, spearheaded a project to translate some of the extensive body of UC Davis climate change research into posters with a reader-friendly format and layman’s language. They created a “call for posters” and had strong response from UC Davis researchers. The researchers worked with Ruth, Lewis and members of Lewis’ design team to create their posters.

The posters were a big hit, according to Ruth. “People appreciate that the information is both easy to understand and straight from the researchers’ mouths, so to speak,” Ruth said. “The posters give you, at a glance, a very good look at UC Davis research designed to help solve problems created by global climate change.”

After an extensive process to publish them in PDF and document them on a web page, the UC Davis Climate Summit research posters are now available online. We encourage everyone to visit the posters page and explore the depth and variety of research presented. Let us know what you think, and tell us the most interesting or surprising thing you learned from these posters.

Thanks to Sharon Ruth, Laurie Lewis, Brenda Dawson, Russ Thebaud, Diane Nelson and Dave Jones for their contributions to the poster project and this blog post.

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