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Your Energy Use Resource is Here!

November 26th, 2014 @ 8:45 am by Carol Shu

This guest post comes from the Facilities Management Energy Conservation Office, which develops and implements energy projects and initiatives across the campus. The office also manages the Strategic Energy Partnership (SEP) program for the campus.

Imagine that you are grocery shopping, there are no prices on any of the items in the store, and there is no check out required. Instead, you just grab whatever you need off of the shelves whenever you need it. When the end of the month rolls around, the store sends you a grocery bill. This might sound crazy, but that is exactly how we purchase and pay for energy in our homes, offices, schools, etc. On the UC Davis campus, most people just use the resources and never think about the cost because they don’t pay or even see the bill.

You may not be responsible for paying the bills for your office, laboratory, or housing on campus, but you can still stay informed about how much energy your building is using and how that relates to the usage in other buildings on campus. The Energy Conservation Office would like to introduce you to CEED, the Campus Energy Education Dashboard.

Graphic of the Campus Energy Education Dashboard homepage.

Visit the Campus Energy Education Dashboard at eco.ucdavis.edu.

Our first CEED release in early November includes a full energy breakdown for the Student Community Center and Ghausi Hall, along with energy ratings for a handful of other buildings on campus. While we work on further developments and adding more buildings to the Dashboard we would love for you to join the Energy Education experience.

To get involved, there are a few options to choose. You can:

  1. Check out the interactive map on the CEED homepage to review energy use for a variety of campus buildings.
  2. Use the Thermal Feedback Cow on my.ucdavis.edu to let us know how you’re feeling in your building.
  3. Send us an email with comments or questions about energy usage on campus at energyfeedback@ucdavis.edu.


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