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The Big Save: Inside the UC Davis Energy and Water Challenge

March 2nd, 2015 @ 3:25 pm by Camille Kirk

The last week of the Energy & Water Challenge is upon us. How low can the dorms go? The following guest post from Kiernan Salmon, Energy Analyst with the UC Davis Energy Conservation Office, shares a bit about this race to save the most:

Choose Not To Use! Energy & Water Challenge - 2015.

Choose Not To Use! Energy & Water Challenge – 2015.

This year, the Facilities Management Energy Conservation Office (ECO) has partnered with Student Housing to put on the Energy & Water Challenge! The challenge is a chance for residence hall students to see who can save the most energy and water over a three-week period. From February 16 to March 8, seven residence hall teams will be ranked on a leaderboard based on how much energy and water they are saving.

The seven teams will be formed from clusters of residence hall buildings, divided based on their electricity, steam and domestic water metering. ECO compares the current energy (made up of electricity and steam) and domestic water usage to the average usage between February 2 and February 15 (the baseline). The teams’ savings will be ranked against each other’s savings to determine who saves the most.

Last year, the Tercero Resident Hall Energy Challenge pilot project led to 10-15% energy savings. This year, we have added domestic water and extended the challenge to every residence hall on campus. With this expansion, we hope to increase the savings and impart to students the importance of saving energy and water. Everyone can follow the challenge on the interactive leaderboard.


The Energy & Water Challenge Leaderboard – follow along to see which dorm will prevail!


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